Curious about flamenco?

Here one a little sample of what goes on in an Absolute Beginner Flamenco dance classes, these students had taken one hour of flamenco a week for six weeks at the time of the recording.

Learn the basics of Flamenco Dance in a fun and easy-going way.

You do not need to be a trained dancer, nor do you have to be young and streamlined – no matter your age or shape, flamenco has something for you! No partner required. For men and women of all ages.

Typically an Absolute Beginner Course runs for a full year, you will learn “technique and tangos flamencos” (as in the video above) in the fall term and “Sevillanas” in the winter term (you can join in the fall or Winter) 

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What to expect from flamenco dance:

• A low impact exercise, suitable for all levels of fitness.
• Classes are mentally and physically stimulating.
• Great for coordination, balance and posture.
• Flamenco is a challenging art form which leaves room for continuous learning.
• Flamenco offers an outlet for personal expression. You’ll also meet a great group of fellow students with similar interests as yourself. Discover why Halifax has become one of Canada’s main flamenco destinations

What to bring to your first class

Comfortable pants or skirt of your choice. We will discuss footwear on the first day of the course, you can also check out my Flamenco Shoe Guide for BeginnersIf possible, bring a pair of sturdy shoes with a low heel and closed toe.

See our FAQ for more information on the classes.

We also offer Ballet basics for adults as well.