Spring Term -Sundays April 8 – June 24
(No class on Sunday May 20, Victoria Day Weekend)

6.15-7.30pm – Ballet Basics geared towards those who have never taken ballet, but also for those who already have taken a few months (about once /week) or those who want to take it slow and focus on placement.

7.30-9pm – Beginner Ballet geared towards those who have taken ballet for at least a year and already know the basics and maybe done a full barre and are familiar with terms and steps that include: plie, tendu, jete, fondu, pas de bouree, developpe, retire, grand battement, en dehors, en dedans, balance, glissade. The level however will remain low for now. 

Both levels will include stretching as well.

6.15-9pm – Basics and Beginner Combo for those who wish to gain strength and are able to attend both classes, it will only help. Ballet is one of those dance forms where there is not a dull moment, just standing correctly in first position requires full concentration, therefore the more you practise, the better you will get at it and the stronger you will become. That is the way it goes as per  the infallible three secrets to become a good dancer: “Practise, practise and practise”

Fees: $210 per level, both levels $370

For new students

Resources for this class: FB ballet group if you are on Facebook and once you register, ask to join the class Facebook group, were I will post the material covered in class for your review and where you can all exchange related links..etc

What to wear: leggings, tights or comfortable sports wear, bare feet or socks, unless you have ballet shoes. If you feel comfortable, please wear relatively tight fitted leggings, sweaters, T-shirts. It is important to see the posture of the body and it is harder to see if you are doing the movements correctly when students wear loose or open sweaters or wide pants. However this is an adult class for you to enjoy and feel comfortable, so the main thing is that you do! If you prefer looser clothes, by all means! Maritime Dance Academy does sell ballet shoes and attire in both of their locations (Halifax and Bedford), please check their website to find out their store opening hours.

Ballet etiquette: it is important to arrive early to class, get mentally ready (strat feeling your body, engaging your muscles, reviewing your posture..etc) and if possible start warming up your feet, stretching gently…etc before class. Keep your feet, ankles and toes warm and awake before class (thus the famous ballet leg warmers), this way you will get more out of the class. It is also important to arrive on time as students take places at the barre and it is a progressive warm up process. If you happen to be late, that is fine, but try to make arriving early part of your routine. The studio will be open at least 1/2 hour before your class.

About this class and about me, your teacher:  As some of you might know, I was a professional ballerina for 10 years in Europe before moving on to flamenco with the Berlin Ballet and National Ballet of Spain. During my ballet career I performed many of the great classics: Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Nutcracker and many more, as well as neo-classical and contemporary ballets (Balanchine, Jiri Kylian, Bejart…etc). Although I have focused on dancing and teaching flamenco here in Halifax, I have taught and currently teach ballet for teens, pre-professionals and professionals throughout the years. I currently teach for Maritime Dance Academy’s intensive training program two days/week. 

I decided to start teaching ballet for adults for the first time this school year 2017/18.  I always wanted to, because I thought it would be a good complementary dance form for my flamenco dance students. I started this past fall and it turned out they love it, it was certainly amazing for me to see them go from fierce flamenco dancers to sweet ballerinas 🙂

Considering how much they liked it and seeing the interest in the class, I decided to open it up for all and this spring I am adding a second class.

What to expect: Ballet is such a wonderful activity to do as an adult, you will get the fun and the benefits without the pressure to become a professional ballerina! It does require a lot of concentration and focus. I think one could say you will get some of the same feeling of body awareness you can get from a yoga or bodyflow class, but with the additional  artistic component, the beautiful music, the sensation of elevation and the feeling of being involved in one of the greatest  classical and romantically-inspired dance forms.

Benefits of ballet: i would say the main benefit of ballet are improving posture,  flexibility and learning how to engage different muscles groups. It is quite the workout for the middle and lower body (core, gluts, inner thighs and specially the feet). If you practise any other dance form, ballet is a great addition to help you understand posture,body placement, turns and jumps and it adds a special graceful quality to movement.  It also is great for gaining balance. Needless to say, the piano ballet music and the class structure and protocol add a unique flare and effect that simply feels good and allows for artistic expression. 

For my flamenco dancers: did you know ballet is mandatory for flamenco dance students in Spain’s National Dance Conservatories? Many world-famous flamenco dancers, such as Joaquin Cortes, Sara Baras and many of today’s current flamenco generation of dancers are also classically trained.