Below is a complete list of our classes to give you a guide in choosing which class is right for you. Please note that not all classes are offered every term. Click on the buttons below to see which of these classes we are offering during our current and upcoming terms.

The level /year description should be considered an orientation only and is based on a once/week attendance.

Want to try it out?
You can either watch or try out a class anytime free of charge at any level. Please contact Maria (902) 476 8482 to find a class suitable for you to try out. See our FAQ for more information on what flamenco has to offer.



This course is geared towards students who have never taken flamenco dance before. No experience in any type of dance is required. No partner either and no special shoes or clothing is needed, generally students are ready to move on to the next level after 6 months to a year of taking this course.

Content: footwork basics, arm basics, understanding flamenco rhythms, short choreographic sequences (tangos flamencos) and learning Sevillanas



For those who have already taken either the Absolute Beginner Course or similar. The Beginner 1 class would be the next step up . This level focuses on mastering the basic arms, rhythms and basic footwork techniques through exercises and choreography. Also a good level for those returning after a long absence from dance.



Students will continue developing skills, learning terminology and steps.  They will be introduced into various “palos” or dance styles.



For students with at least 4 years of training (twice/week) or for professional dancers wanting to keep up with their skills.



 Bata de Cola Classes are currently taking place for student that already know the basic techniques. New classes can be scheduled in the future, should thee be enough interest to run one. Students must have their own bata de cola, since these are hard to get here in Halifax, it is important to discuss it with Maria first. Bata de cola range widely in style, price and quality and having the right or the wrong one will make all the difference to your experience. Batas de cola require an investment between $400-$800.


Flamenco Dance School Maria Osende offers master classes with guest artists as well as introductory flamenco workshops. These will be posted on our website, or sign up to receive information on upcoming courses and workshops


Flamenco is a great activity for both boys and girls of all ages. It promotes self-expression, self-steem, coordination and musicality, Understanding flamenco rhythms is in itself understanding numbers and fractions of time.  Plus it is a lot of fun.

In 2016/17 children’s classes swill be offered by Maria Osende at the Maritime Conservatory of the Performing Arts.


Flamenco Dance School Maria Osende offers private or semi-private classes. These can take place at Maria’s studio in Dartmouth or at Halifax Dance (additional studio rental fee applies). Please contact Maria to schedule a class.


Flamenco Dance School Maria Osende offers courses in castanets and shawl technique currently as summer or special workshops. Students must have castanets or inadequate “manton” (shawl) to participate on these classes.

*Individual progress
Everyone learns in a different way and everyone has a different reason for taking on flamenco dance.  Some are looking for a bit of exercise,  or to learn something new, or a challenge that motivates them to exercise and feels good; while others might want to be able to graciously perform in front of friends or an audience. It is all good! All it means is that you will find different motivations and different levels of commitment within your class.

Progress varies greatly from person to person. Everyone has a different way of retaining visual information and how fast or slow you learn does not make a dancer  better or a worse. Naturally those with  previous dance experience or a musical background might find it easier to pick up steps than those who have never taken dance before.  However, it is not always the case

. Additionally, some students have extra time to practice and review class material on their own, while others are only able to practice while in class. Both options are perfectly fine, it just means that some students will learn faster than others.

The more classes you take, the faster you will improve.  If you are serious about flamenco or if you would like to be able to memorize the material faster, taking twice or three times a week, really makes a difference. Please ask Maria for a placement to see what would suit your level best for an additional class.

The key to enjoy classes is to dance for yourself and to do what suits your goals and your schedule. For example, some students will take 2 or 3 Absolute Beginner Courses (8 weeks each) before they feel comfortable to move on to the next level, and others might only need one, or add on private lessons, or try to attend twice a week. Each person has a different sense and feeling for dancing, while some need to master each step to perfection before they feel ready to move on, others just enjoy the music and the movement.

The beauty of flamenco is that it is really for everyone and emphasizes individual interpretation and personality. Remember you are learning something completely new and this is going to be a challenge for sure, but a fun one! Keep that in mind and enjoy it!