Discover Flamenco!


It is said that the Gypsies from Rajasthan (India) immigrated to Europe centuries ago and brought with them their traditions, culture and music, and this music evolved in Spain into what is now flamenco.

The Spaniards that went to Central and South America brought back Caribbean rhythms and moves with them.

We are inspired by the search for the origins of flamenco by exploring the dance of those cultures that influenced it.

Discover Dance with us this April at Danspace-on-Grafton. Join us on any or all of our three scheduled dates to get introduced to flamenco,  Bollywood, Indian Classical Dance (Bharatnatyam) and Cuban salsa.

Each week we will explore flamenco along with another cultural dance style. Meet and engage with people of diverse cultural backgrounds and find common ground between dance styles. The best part? It’s free and it is open to anyone. We welcome all levels of experience. We will finish with an open discussion on common ground found between dance styles. Admission is FREE and participation is encouraged. See you there!

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