Tips to buy your first Shawl (Manton)

Size of Manton

manton-de-manilaThey should be square-shaped, at least 140cm x 140cm (55″x55″), not including fringe. There are some that are somewhat smaller, but they’re just too small to dance with. Of course, there are much larger ones, especially vintage ones. But again, it depends on your height and strength. They may be called piano shawls to distinguish them from the smaller shawls used for fashion.


Fringe (Flecos)

Tighter and/or longer Fringe = pricier & heavier
More intricate knots (or macrame) = pricier
Never wash your shawl. 


Generally, the tighter the embroidery, the heavier and the pricier the shawl gets. You can also get a plain one, it is not necessary. 

More embroidery = pricier.


It varies so much depending primarily on the material (silk ideally), the macrame and fringe quality, the size and the embroidery. See below.

Source for this article: Rina Orellana Flamenco


Start off with eBay and see what you can find. But look at the pictures carefully. Otherwise, check out these sites.

eBay (a great way to get your first shawl) (economic shawls, around $150) (a range in quality starting at around $200 – over $1000 ) (similar to “esflamenco”)