Payments are due at the beginning of each term; cash, check, or e-transfer.
Most Absolute Beginner Courses also offer online registration: Credit card or Paypal

Late registration & pro-rated fees:

You found out too late but would like to join? 
Although it is preferable to start at the beginning of a term, it is possible to join within the first 3 weeks of a session. The fee will be prorated accordingly.

Missed classes and extended absence:

It is possible to make up for missed classes within the term or course.  Should you be missing more than 2 classes (once a week) or 3 classes (twice a week) within a term, please indicate the dates, so that the fee can be prorated accordingly, and so that you can still benefit from the lower rates offered for registered students, as opposed to paying the higher drop in fee per class ($17).  This policy does not apply for single, missed classes.


It is possible to get a refund for the term within the first two weeks of a session, after which the term is non-refundable. After this, it is not possible to transfer a credit on to the next term, unless there is a medical reason or other important reason. There will be a processing fee of $30 minus the first two weeks of classes.

Storm and cancellation policy:

Notification of cancelled classes due to inclement weather will be posted on our Facebook Group page and by email. There are no refunds for cancelled due to inclement weather or cancelled for reasons beyond control, however we will try to reschedule if more than one class has been cancelled due to weather. Please consult with Maria for a recommended make up class.

Private and Small Group lessons:

Private lessons for individuals or groups can be arranged, please contact Maria at for details.