“Flamenco Dance School Maria Osende” offers additional video support material for classes through “Closed Facebook groups”

This video resource is for you to review material taught in class, particularly useful if you missed class or if you would like to review at home.  Each level has its own “secret” group, which means only registered class members  can access it.  Please ask Maria to add you to your “Class Facebook group”.

We also have an open Facebook group for the school, ask to be invited!




    Sevillanas videos

    The “Sevillanas” (Spanish pronunciation: [seβiˈʝanas]) are a  are a type of folk music and dance of Seville, Spain and its region. They were derived from the old Spanish folk, and in the nineteenth century they were influenced by Flamenco. Generally speaking, a sevillana is very lighthearted, happy music.  ...

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